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Creating quality student exchange experiences

Community Representatives are AFICE's front line support personnel, working closely with the Area Coordinators on matters related to the students' well-being. Their duties include host family screening, student placement, and orientations. Their most important task is to supervise the exchange students regarding their adjustment to their host family and high school. Without our local Community Reps, the AFICE student exchange program would not be able to function.

If you'd like to become a Community Representative for AFICE, please fill out the form below.

Community Representative Responsibilities

  • Conduct a personal interview and home visit for each prospective AFICE host family before accepting them as host parents.
  • Secure signed school acceptance for each AFICE exchange student from the local high school and serve as the link between school, student, and host family.
  • Facilitate the acceptance of the AFICE exchange student into the local community.
  • Maintain regular contact with exchange students and host families in order to monitor and support their exchange experience.
  • Assist in problem solving and decision making in order to bridge cultural differences.

In addition, as an AFICE Community Representative, you will receive specialized training and have the support of your Area Coordinator, the AFICE Director of Counseling, and the AFICE National Office.

Are Community Representatives Paid?

Yes, remuneration is paid to AFICE Community Representatives for placing and supervising our exchange students.

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