The AFICE Program stresses family living as the heart of the learning experience - offering exchange students the chance to share in other cultures through personal involvement in the homes, schools and communities of their host countries.

AFICE Host Families

AFICE selects host families that are open and eager to learn as well as share experiences with a teen-ager from an overseas country. By living as a member of your family and particpating in both school and community activities, your student will develop an awareness of the American way of life that would be impossible to acquire in any other way. The warmth and companionship between the host family and exchange student have proven to be the single most beneficial element in the student's international experience.

Becoming a Host Family

The first step to becoming a host family is to meet with your AFICE Community Representative for an interview with your entire family. Your Community Representative will help you select a student by bringing student profile sheets for you to review while you fill out your Host Family Application form (the screening process is one of the questions discussed in our Hosting FAQ). These files contain an overview of each student's interests and hobbies, along with a personal essay written by the student as well as a photograph of the student.

Interested in hosting?

If you would like to find out more about hosting an AFICE exchange student, click here to fill out an online form, and an AFICE representative will contact you.

AFICE Students

Participating students are between the ages of 15 and 18. AFICE believes that this age group is most receptive to adapting to a family living and academic experience in a new culture. All students are first carefully screened and must be recommended by a teacher or principal in their local school (overseas) before they are accepted to the program. Only those students who can evidence academic interest and achievement, curiosity, adaptability and good command of the English language are accepted. Each student must satisfactorily complete a personal interview by qualified representatives of AFICE.

AFICE students arrive with round-trip airline tickets issued to their final destinations. The exchange students also have complete medical coverage for the entire duration of their stay in the United States. The natural parents provide a monthly allowance and the American host families are responsible for room and board.

Exchange Students and their parents are required to attend an intensive orientation meeting overseas prior to their son's or daughter's departure.


If you still have questions about hosting an exchange student for AFICE, please take a look at our Hosting FAQ to see answers to some of the more common questions we receive about hosting a student on the AFICE program.

The Exchange Experience

The key to a successful exchange experience is the family relationship. The student will look to the host family for guidance and understanding. Treat your student as you would your own son or daughter. Family responsibilities and privileges should be the same for them as for your own children. Remember that your student is not a guest, but a family member. However, all AFICE students bring their own spending money, and are covered by medical insurance.

AFICE host families can expect that their students will abide by our rules and policies. AFICE students must also respect and follow the law.

Shortly after your exchange student arrives, your AFICE Community Representative will conduct a comprehensive orientation meeting. At this time students and host families are once more informed about the rules of behavior and official guidelines under which the AFICE program functions. At this meeting exchange students meet privately with their Community Representatives to become better acquainted.

Should any emergencies or difficulties arise, your Community Representative is there to help. In addition, every student and host family is furnished with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the AFICE Community Representative, Area Coordinator, the AFICE Director of Counseling, and the AFICE National Headquarters. The National AFICE Office has a 24-hour answering service in case of emergencies.

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